Das Noise!

A Javascript Noise Library

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This is a project to get all the fancy noises out there under one roof... I was getting super annoyed having to call different noises with different constructors, so I figured lets make this conform to my head.  Most are based off of others public examples I'll make sure to credit them, but for the most part this is a whole new reworking.  Quite a few bugs for right now, and Im sure the way doing the seed calculations is pretty hacky... Umm a few of the calculations are my own so my bad if they syck?  Once the project is done, there will be a ton of different ways to generate noise, and I will be porting a bunch of GLSL noises I did over as well along with my Worley System and others that I can find.

A Bunch of Noises and functions are turned off for now, while I make changes to the script, currently active: Simple2D, Simple3D, Perlin2D, Perlin3D

Also I will be posting tutorials on this website dealing with the development of noises and their uses. Be Sure to check out the first in the serise!