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HTML5 Powered with Connectivity / Realtime, CSS3 / Styling, Device Access, Graphics, 3D & Effects, Multimedia, Performance & Integration, Semantics, and Offline & Storage

Andrew V Butt Sr.Artist, Programmer, Father

Currently I live in the majestic redwood forests of Northern California. Not much more to say about me other then I am your definition of a nerd. I love Art, Music, Fun and People... and usually try to find a way to combine as many of those things into my projects as possible. Self taught and motivated by the thirst of knowledge and ability to better ones self I have gathered an extensive knowledge of design. Once I reached a level that I could not surpass on my own I went to college for a period and learned as much as I could about the theory of art and its execution along with dynamic website creation. Currently I live under the belief that there is nothing in the digital world that is out of my reach.

If its client-side Ive done it, if you think its not possible ill figure it out, if you say it cant be done ill do it and show you how. I love solving problems and have no problem adapting to work-flows and process completely unfamiliar to me.

Skills and InterestsA quick overview of what I do!

I specalise in custom UI/UX interfaces and data management systems, procedural generation of content, and custom javascript prototype libraries, HTML5 technologies and an active contributor the the webGL commmunity.

Contact and Info

CV and Resume

You can contact me through -> Pryme8@gmail.com

Check out my other repositories for projects and things that might interest you. Soon a my new version of the site will be up.